CoreData: made simple

Beginning with Core Data may not be the easiest task ever. Here’s the small wrapper that could make your experience a lot easier and a way more fun, especially if you’re already familiar with the Active Model (Rails).

I always imainged how it would be to have the Active Model brought to the iOS. At least, the syntax is a lot more sexy than the NSManaged*’s one.

In the end, it’s not hard at all. The wrapper can be found on


Person *john = [Person create]; = @"John";
john.surname = @"Doe";

Save / Delete;

Find, fetch

Let’s find our John objc Person *john = [Person where:@"name == John AND surname == Doe"].first; All the people in database: objc for(Person *person in [Person all]) { NSLog(@"Person: %@", person); }

Xcode4, new literals

When the Xcode 4.4 gets released, some new Objective-C literals will come in. Then you’ll be able to pass a readable dictionary(hash) in the finder method:

e.g. all the people that are 18 years old objc NSArray *people = [Person where:@{ @"age" : @18 }]; Or a more specific one: objc [Person where:@{ @"age" : @18, @"member" : @YES, @"state" : @"NY" }]; The same goes for the creation objc Person *john = [Person create:@{ @"name" : @"John", @"age" : @12, @"member" : @NO }];

Of course, you can still use all the Core Data stuff and syntax. For some more details visit the