Currently sailing the world on @sailing.butters. Previously Lyft & Microsoft.


NOTE: these projects are severely outdated and here only for the archive purpose. I haven't been putting time into OSS work since the end of 2013. They're here only for the reference.

Alcatraz [archived] is the missing Xcode package manager, that lets you discover and install Xcode extensions.
xcpretty [archived] is a fast and flexible `xcodebuild` formatter.
xclisten [archived] runs Objective-C tests or installs pods each time you save a file
Objective Sugar [archived] is a set of Functional additions for ObjectiveC inspired by Ruby.
Objective Record [archived] is a lightweight CoreData wrapper inspired by Active Record.
Bubblewrap [archived] is a RubyMotion must-have set of wrappers for everyday development. I'm one of the Bubblewrap creators.

Back in time I used to be a core team member of CocoaPods and Kiwi BDD.


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